Pop of Yellow

Yellow is a commonly used color for accenting spaces with bland colors. Although yellow seems easy to be incorporated into spaces, the wrong color palette may also turn the room into a juvenile playhouse. I personally really love having yellow as an accent color because yellow can be cheerful when it’s bright or comforting when it’s muddy.

Here`s an example of having yellow as a pop of color to an almost all white space. The yellow chairs help draw your eyes up to the bamboo ceiling lamp due to the limited colors in the room, creating a higher ceiling effect. (Source: HomeStyle)

In this case, the ceiling is so high that the pop of yellow chairs actually draw the eyes down for a more down to earth feeling. (Literally!) (Source)


Who said pop of yellows have to be in your face? This color palette consists of toned down yellows, blues, and greens. None of the colors in this room is too bright or harsh which creates a soft and earthy feel. This look is great for family rooms or living rooms. (Source: BHG.com)

This one showcase the yellow with various patterns and textures. I personally really like yellow with grey chevron patterns. (Faux) Fur or wood also adds textures to the space and creates a different dimension to the room. In this room, the yellow creates a high ceiling effect but the patterns and textures keep your eyes on the ground. Isn’t that awesome? (Source)

I have collected a few products which you can use in your home for a cheerful pop of yellow. (click on the images to be directed to the retailing website.)

  1.  Bike Wall Decor – Etsy il_570xN.492294175_klop
  2. Yellow Lester Dining Chair – One Kings Lang Product_SVF73309_Image_1
  3. Lemon Galaxy Stools – One Kings Lane Product_DPJ10063_Image_1

Let’s end this summer season with some bright colors!

-Little Ms. Everything

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