Review Wednesdays – Sephora Haul

Sephora, the one place where my bank account vomits my savings like no tomorrow. $$$


Fortunately, it does compensate me by making me feel beautiful most of the time. This month, I went into Sephora and grabbed a bunch of things that I either need or want to try out. This is just a quick review of some of the products I purchased from Sephora Recently. In my upcoming Monthly Favorites post, I will do a more detailed review on the products I enjoy using. Remember to stay tuned for more!

First, I picked up two Bumble and Bumble hair products. I have really soft and flat hair. (And I don’t mean soft in a good way) It is almost impossible to create volume or curls and have it stay put throughout the day.

  1. Bumble and Bumble – Thickening Dryspun Finish



This hair spray honestly saved so much of my time in the morning. I used to use Got 2b Volumizing Styling Powder to create volume, and although I did love the result, it took a lot of time and I would always have to tease my hair. The downside of the Bumble and Bumble Dryspun Finish is that it tangles your hair if you try to brush your hair after application, but that is expected for a finishing spray that gives volume.

Ms. Must Have: 8/10

  1. Bumble and Bumble – Prêt-à-powder (Dry Shampoo)


Seriously, this dry shampoo makes my hair smell like it’s freshly washed all day long. Even after 2-3 days of not washing my hair (for healthy hair purposes, obviously?), I would only smell the delighted dry shampoo from my hair. It also provides great volume which keeps hair looking loose and bouncy. The downside of this dry shampoo is that it is hard to work with. With Lush – No Drought dry shampoo, I can apply it anywhere on my hair, and even my scalp, but Bumble and bumble’s dry shampoo leaves my hair looking white and sometimes even looks dandruff-like. The area where dry shampoo is applied also feels thick and not smooth. The tip of this dry shampoo is to use under a layer of hair so it stay hidden.

Ms. Must Have: 7/10

Next, I decided to pick up some workplace appropriate makeup. I was looking for something long-wear, natural, and easy-to-wear.

  1. YSL Lipstick in Rouge Volupté)


First of all, the packaging is adorable. I love taking it out anywhere. This color has a warm undertone to it (almost coral), which really matches my skin color. Although the pink is quite pale for me, with the right makeup, it can look very sweet and natural. I really enjoy using this color as it instantly makes me look more put together when I am having a tiring day at work. I was disappointed, however, that it is not moisturizing. If my lips are dry even just a little, it will show. The only way I can avoid that is by spreading the lipstick out with my finger so it only shows a bit of the pigment. I feel like the gloss also contributes to the cause of this issue. Not very impressed for what I paid for. (Though it does smell amazing!)

Ms. Must Have: 5/10

  1. Makeup Forever Waterproof Liquid Eye-liner

Oh Man. Where do I start? This eyeliner does everything it says it does. No more hot summer panda eyes. This eyeliner dries almost like whiteboard markers (weird comparison, I know). When you remove the eyeliner, it doesn’t melt off but instead, it comes off like flakes. I don’t like the design of the cap because while you’re putting your eyeliner on, the liquid in the bottle is exposed to air and slowly drying to clumps. It is also not very fast drying. If you open your eyelids too quickly, it’ll ink your lid and ruin your makeup. It is also important to make sure you don’t have too much liquid on your felt tip, because it will get messy! I do understand why they can’t design it like a Stilla liquid eyeliner though since it would probably blocked the sponge when it dries. Overall, I would still go back to this eyeliner when those hot summers come.

Ms. Must Have: 8/10

Last but not least, I also picked up a lip-care product that changed my life.

  1. Fresh – Sugar lip serum Advanced Therapy


This lip-care product is now on my must have list. I personally have extremely dry lips, even during summer. lip balms and lip exfoliator sometimes just don’t do during dry weather. When I first used this on my lips, I was so amazed by how soft my lips felt instantly. It smoothed out all the cracks in between and soon after I stopped pealing. This has made applying lipstick so much easier and prettier. I can also skip the step of exfoliating my lips on most days. Although this product is pricey for such a small bottle, I really only use a small dab and only on days when my lips need some intense moisture.

Ms. Must Have: 10/10

I hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful. If there are any products you think I should try, please let me know by connecting with me!

Thank you for coming by, and see you soon!

-Little Ms. Everything

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