10 Must Have Items for People Who Live Alone

As someone who’s lived alone for years, I feel quite adequate to give you the ultimate list that all people whose only roommates are themselves or their pets need to have. Because I live alone, I find myself always looking for ways to make my life easier (as in doing as least work as possible P:). So here it is! The list of things all you single-mates must have:

1.  Electric mobile stove.

Aha! I’ve spoken all your pains about food getting cold so quickly! Get an electric mobile stove and it will make your dinner time a delight. I had one in my freshman year of university, and I even cooked in my dorm room. Hey, you live alone, so no one will judge you. (;

Portable Stove - Windmax

Duxtop offers portable induction cooktop that has a flat top rather than a coil stove top. It has 120 Voltage and offers 1.8 kW of power. It is great for the lazy ones and those who are beginners to cooking. If you are a cooking enthusiast, however, you might want to stick with the stove. (Source: Amazon)

2.  Decorative Light Strings

Living on your own can really get lonely, for some. Especially when you come home to a pitch dark room, sad lonely music starts playing in the back of your head. (That’s my dramatic entrance lol) For that reason, I bought myself some Decorative Light Strings from Target and hung them on wall so I get some warm and cozy lighting that just puts me to sleep when I get in bed. Tip: Make sure to look for warm-toned lighting and energy-saving bulbs so cozy yet efficient.

String Lights - Vine Balls 1

I really like these ones that I found on Target’s website. The twine balls are a perfect way to merge earthy elements into interior space especially during winter seasons when you can’t open the windows. (Source: Target)

3.  High Quality Stereo

When you live alone, you must have experience the dance off with the other you in the mirror! A nice stereo will get you pumped when doing chores, and freshen you up in the morning! I would invest in a decent quality stereo for personal pleasure, such as a nice bubble bath with some wine and romantic music!

4.  TV/Movie Subscription

C’mon, this one speaks for itself. You may not need a 50” TV, but binge watching TV shows on your laptop is just as satisfying on a lazy Sunday. If you don’t enjoy watching TV or Movies, magazine or audio book subscriptions will make your alone time that much better as well. If you are living alone and don’t have any kind of subscriptions… JUST GO GET ONE!

Big Bang Theory

(Source: CBS)

5.  Sofa Bed, Futon

You will need that occasional sleepover to share that TV subscription and that tub of ice-cream that you just finish too soon every time.



I like this one from Ikea because it’s clean cuts are sleek and modern; the size is also perfect for a bachelor flat, a condo, or an apartment. (Source: Ikea)

6.  A pet (if you can manage one)

Pets are great companions. You don’t need a big pet to get the same result. Bigger animals may come with a lot of fuss and some residences don’t allow pets, but that shouldn’t stop you. It is also very important to realize that pets come with great responsibilities. A pet should be a friend who needs more care than most of your human friends (hopefully). If taking care of anything alive is out of your ability, maybe consider a cactus that only need watering every month. For beginners, I suggest pets like fishes, tortoise/turtles, birds, or guinea pigs/hamsters.


(Source: Animal Planet)

7.  Spare Keys

We all think it’ll never happen to us, but when it does it’s too late! It has happened to me a few times but my ex-roommates were always there to save me. Keep a spare key in your car, or somewhere secretive and not under the doormat. You can thank me when that day comes, my dear.

8.  Inspirational Art/Paintings/Photo Frames

Please don’t let yourself live in a box with 4 masking tape colored blank walls. Go find some art or photo frames that you like and fill up the wall with things that inspire you. Just because you are home alone on a weekend, doesn’t mean you can stay in bed all day not do anything. I find myself losing motivation because no one is there to remind me that I am a sociable human being. If you want to save some bucks, you can even make art yourself by doing DIYs or cutting pages off of magazines and stick it on a cork board. There are many things you can do when you’re alone, but letting yourself go just because no one is there to judge you isn’t one.

9.  A pair of Dumbbells

I know what you’re thinking. You don’t need dumbbells to work-out or get exercise. There are many people who consistently engage in outdoor activities, or go to the gym. But let us not forget (for the however many times), we get soooo lazy when we’re home alone! Sometimes even just getting out the door is a tough task. Next time, when you want to get some exercise but feel lazy, pick up the dumbbells and move around. Start small, and it will get somewhere! All things we do are just habits. Tips: Be sure to dress in appropriate attire even when working out at home to prevent any injuries!



(Source: Sport Chek)

10.  Tool Kit

Last but not least, a tool kit is a must. When you first moved in alone, you probably only brought the necessary things, or things you want to decorate your place with. I find tool kits so useful when you live alone because they can pretty much do anything. You just need a screwdriver, hammer, pliers, some heavy-duty glue and you’re good to go. A tool kit really comes in handy when your window treatment decides to break apart, or your drawer knobs are coming loose.

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