Halloween Series: Spooky or Cute Nails?

Sorry I couldn’t put up this post last night like I promised! I was so swamped with work and had no energy by the time I got home.. ): I hope you still have time to master these easy nail art before you head to your Halloween party!

Whether you want to go all out on your costume, or only want to show a bit of the Halloween spirit, having some special nail art will get you more than just compliments (; (To all the ladies!) BUT, it is time to decide whether you want adorable nail designs that will make the scariest monsters go “AWW” or make everyone lose their appetite at the dinner table with your cracked and bloody nails!


Cutepolish‘s YouTube channel has always been my to-go nail design place on YouTube land! Her designs are creative and adorable. Not to mention her tutorials are so easy to follow. I gather a few of her Halloween nails collection. Trust me, you will want watch them all!


I also found tutorials from other sites or YouTube channels. Some of them are REALLY creative! No matter which outfit you have, you’ll be able to find the perfect nail design from here!

I love the googly eyes! I think I might do this for Halloween!


(Click on image to see instructions)


If you’d like to explore how to do it yourself or find inspiration for your own designs, here are some pictures along with information on where you can get similar products! Enjoy!

From the Sea Nail Design


blogger-image-774056765 blogger-image--1838631229

Nightmare Before Christmas



Dark and Wicked Nail Design

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Although this might not seem so Halloween related (I’d wear this on any day), I think it can be used for a sexy yet evil costume, like a dead bride!

Fun and Gory Nail Design



Whip the nail polish wand and let the red splash on your nail, and clean up the mess after with a cotton swab. **Be sure to put a piece of unwanted newspaper underneath so you don’t stain anything nice!**


I think this one is actually easier than it looks. Paint your nails a dark red before attaching the fake nails, then use makeup to make the fingers look dark and bruised. Finally, put fake blood all over!

This brings us to the end of these fun nail designs! Are you ready to be the center of the attention?! These look so cool but they’re actually very easy to do! I am so excited about doing my nails tonight. Hehe.

If you missed my post on Monday (Creative and Fun Costume Ideas/Tutorials) or on Tuesday (Party of the Dead), make sure you check those out because they were so fun to blog about! It gave me so many ideas on how to make my Halloween SPOOKTACULAR (wait.. I’ve already used that in another post.. )

I will really try my best to have the last post of Halloween Series up by tonight! I really need it for myself anyway… (what could it be??)

You will have to come back to find out! (Hint: Very helpful for those who procrastinate.)

Meanwhile, Stay Amazing!

– Little Ms. Everything

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