Good Morning, Princess | DIY exfoliate & mask

It’s Monday! Which calls for another episode of Good Morning, Princess! We are here to save you from patchy dry or oily breakout skin!

Remember those days where you wake up looking like a panda but have an important date in an hour? Sunny and I have put together some of our favorite exfoliate and masks with ingredients you can find around the house! You can either do this on a lazy Sunday to pamper yourself, or better your skin/hair condition in an instant.

Vivian’s Remedy

I really love giving my face and hair extra moisture during the winter. The dryness in the skin can get really be painful! I tend to look for products that are not only moisturizing but also anti-aging to prevent the wrinkles that dryness can bring out. Right now I am using Lancôme Youth Activating Serum, and SKII Essential Power Moisturizing Cream for skin care. If I want to deep condition my skin and hair, I like using natural ingredients (that I often already have around the house) to make exfoliate scrub and masks.


My Basic Skin Care At The Moment: Lancome Advanced Youth Activating Concentrate; Lancome Youth Activating Eye Cream; SK-II Essential Power Moisturizing Cream

Comment below if you would like me to share my skin care routine, suggestions and knowledge I’ve learnt from several dermatologists on how to perfect skin condition.

Now, onto the exciting stuff!

One of my favorite remedy  for the winter is Oatmeal.

Oatmeal not only can act as skin moisturizer, but the soft texture also helps with gentle exfoliating. Oats also has anti-inflammatory properties which helps with acne scars and itchiness. Because oatmeal is so gentle, it is also suitable for all skin types.

  • Take about a small hand full (for face) of quick-cook oatmeal and run it under warm water with oatmeal in your fist (this prevents oatmeal from washing away). Apply the soaked oatmeal onto your face or body and start cleansing by moving your fingers gently in a circular motion. Leave the oatmeal on the face for 1-3 minutes and wash off. Now your skin should feel clean, yet soft.
  • For extremely dry skin, use slightly warm milk instead of warm water.

After we have taken care of our face, it’s time to take care of our face. I believe that hair care is just as important as skin care. Recently I have turned myself from a brunette to blonde. I had to bleach my hair to get a good result so my hair is quite damaged. It is important for damaged hair to be kept strong and moisturized. This is my favorite hair mask that works like a wonder:

Coconut Oil + Egg Whites hair mask


  • put a table-spoon of coconut oil and one egg-white in a bowl and mix well. Apply onto the lower ends of your hair where it’s dry and damaged then wrap plastic wrap around the hair and make sure everything is sealed. Use hair blow dryer on low heat and slowly heat up the ends of the hair for 2 minutes. Make sure the blow dryer is 3 to 5 inches away from the hair. You don’t want to cook the egg white! Leave it in for 10-15 minutes then rinse off with shampoo.
  • Add Argan oil as well if your hair is extremely damaged.

The Coconut oil helps give the hair smoothness to reduce the chance of breakage and increase shine. It also promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss. The egg white contains lots of protein which strengthens hair and adds volume. This is perfect for the cold and dry winter that makes you look like a lion with your static hair. It also gives you a result instantly so it really is a life saver before a hot date.

Sunny’s Remedy

In general, my skin type is oily and prone to breakouts. I find the best remedy to combat my problematic skin is to exfoliate frequently and use an acne treating toner followed by moisturizer. I have yet to achieve my ideal skin care routine as I am still discovering products that make a significant difference to my skin. As someone with acne prone skin, sometimes it’s nice to know exactly what is in the skincare products that you are using. How can you ensure that this is the case?

DIY time!

My favourite recipe is the Strawberry-Honey-Brown Sugar-and-Lemon concoction. Each of these simple household ingredients contains skin benefiting properties together to treat acne prone skin. The strawberries provide natural salicylic acid, the honey has a hydrating factor, the brown sugar is the exfoliant, and the lemon helps to diminish blemishes and blackheads.

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Although these remedies are all natural ingredients, exfoliants can cause skin irritation if it’s used too often. If you have sensitive skin, please use exfoliant gently and only once a week. Don’t forget to moisturize your face afterwards for the result to last!

Come back next Monday for another post on the Good Morning, Princess Series. I will be sharing my getting ready routine as well as the products details!

Stay Amazing !

– Little Ms. Everything

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