Good Morning, Princess – How To Reduce Bloating

Don’t feel like getting out of bed because you feel like crap? Not to worry! This Good Morning, Princess Series is here to help you feel energetic and confident when you walk out the door. (Whether to run endless errands or to a hot lunch date)

The goal of the Good Morning, Princess Series is to teach you ways you can prepare yourself for a long day when you wake up in the morning. From physical appearance to health, we’ve got it ALL covered. The first season of this series has 4 sections – Bloating Solutions, Morning Remedies, and Breakfast Recipes. We have also invited guest bloggers to tell you their secret tips on how they stay healthy! Subscribe to stay posted and find out who these bloggers are. More information on the bloggers will be mentioned in the blog they participated in.


There are many days when look into the mirror in the morning and I look like I have gained about 5 pounds. It is not a pleasant scene to look at, let me tell you. I have a slower metabolism than an average person so bloating really is a regular customer. Meaning that I have also tried many many ways to get rid of it!

The reason why we bloat or have water retention (if you haven’t googled it already) is mainly because of two reasons.

  1. Our body retains water according to our sodium concentration.
  2. Gravity and slower metabolism cause water to retain.

I really can write an individual post on WHY these two reasons cause you to look fatter, but since this isn’t why you’re here, So I’ll jump to the more important part.

I find that the best way to stay away from bloating is to prevent it before it even gets to you! Sunny Cai, an inspiring fashion blogger shared some of her secrets on how she stays away from looking bloated in the morning. You may have heard of Sunny’s blog – In My Closet – as she first started blogging about two years ago. Although her main focus is on fashion, she also talks about interesting things in life (Read her 20 Things 20 Years Have Taught Me).

Featured Guest Blogger Sunny Cai
Q: What do you find makes you bloat the most in the morning?

Sunny: I find myself feeling bloated the next day depending what how much I had for dinner and after dinner the night before. Sometimes you just can’t stay away from that steak and fries or if you’re lazy to cook, instant noodles which are high in sodium. That’s okay, we are allowed to treat ourselves once a while. Just don’t consume anything right before you go to sleep. Have you guys heard of the 2 hour rule? If not, this might be the reason why you have those days where wake up feeling just unexplainably puffy. Generally speaking, you should refrain from eating (yes this includes high calorie/carb drinks) 2 hours before bed. For all you late night snackers, this might seem hard at first but just force yourself to abide by this rule and eventually it becomes a habit… kinda like brushing your teeth before bed.

Q: If you have woken up bloated, what is your go to quick fix?

Sunny: I find that the bloated feeling usually goes away if you drink 2 cups of water in the morning. Again, make this a habit. Wake up, chug chug chug and go. For me, it’s easy since I’m a caffeine addict so I need to drink my iced coffee right in the morning before I can fully open my eyes. This leads to my next point. Coffee is a dehydrant, so ultimately, it could help reduce bloating (as long as you don’t add in too much sugar and cream of course). Lastly, I would say that a hot shower also works to relieve that swollen feeling.

Visit Sunny’s blog for fashion advice and sale promotions that you don’t want to miss!

Sunny has a point! Plus, eating before bed can cause your gastric acid (stomach fluid) to back flow and hurt your esophagus and disrupt digestion. (Which means, VERY BAD)

What else do to prevent bloating:

  1. Decrease sodium intake level (If not all day, at least after 5pm)
  2. Drink lots of water through out the day, but refrain from drinking any liquid 1 hour before bed to prevent excess water. (And pee before bed to get rid of it!)
  3. Elevate your legs when sleeping. Put a pillow under your feet or calves to elevate your legs for better circulation.

What else to do to reduce bloating:

  1. Drink tea or coffee
  2. Do cardio or yoga
  3. Green tea bags
  4. massages

Yoga moves that helps with stomach bloating.



How to

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

Yoga (Bridge Pose)

How to

How to reduce bloated under eye-bags with green tea bags.

Step 1.

Soak two green tea tea-bags in boiled hot water for 1 minute to release the caffeine in the leaves.

Step 2.

Take out the tea-bags and squeeze to damp, then put it in the freezer for 10-15 minutes

Step 3.

Take the tea-bags out and gently pressed on the skin under the eye. Focus on area where lids are bloated or darker. Start from the inner corner of the eye and work your way outwards.

How to reduce bloating and tension on the calves.

A 10 minute massage in the morning is so indulging because it not only wakes you up but also make every step feel so much lighter. My favorite product to use is Origins – Leg Lifts®. What I love about this product is that it doesn’t claim to slim your legs, but only to reduce tension. (Cutting fat by putting cream on your legs..? C’mon!) What I love more about it is that it really does what it says! This tube contains menthol, cypress, peppermint and cedarwood which relaxes your muscles and the smell is really calming too.


I usually squeeze out the size of a kiss chocolate to use on both calves (a little goes a long way). Then I massage my calves by grabbing the bottom and slide upwards to reverse the circulation. I also use my thumb and move in a circular motion on the spots where I’m most sore or tense. The spot on your inner calves about 3 fingers wide length up your ankle is the spot you want to focus on. The sorer it is means the more you needed that massage.

This concludes our very successful first post of the Good Morning, Series. I hope this will help you feel light like a bird in the morning! Let us know what else you would like to see on the Good Morning, Princess Series.

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Stay Amazing!

– Little Ms. Everything

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