Fried Chicken Waffle|Harlem vs. Stockyard

As fried chicken on waffles became popular in Toronto, I decided to try different ones to see which is the best! (Probably just an excuse for me to eat more fried chicken and waffles) I’ve been to Stockyard a while back before even knowing Fried chicken on waffles existed, and believe me, I was quite amazed. When I saw that BlogTO had come up with the top 10 Fried Chicken on Waffles list AND Stockyard wasn’t even on it, I thought to myself I had to try how good the other ones are. (You can see their list for Top 10 Fried Chicken and Waffles Here.) Now, let me begin with Harlem Underground, the one we picked out from the list.



On a Saturday, Melissa and I went on an adventure after a stressful week at work. We decided to go to Harlem Underground because it was close to Eatons and we wanted to go shopping after. My first impression of the restaurant was that I didn’t know what to think of it (not really an impression…sorry). The interior seemed like a mix of different things. What I thought was cool was the skeleton stools they had. (Not very comfortable to sit in, but definitely cool) We were both starving so we went straight to ordering. We ordered a drink, quesadillas, hummus dip and of course, Fried Chicken and Waffles.



Their menu was a music disc look-a-like! that’s fits their restaurant theme pretty nicely. They have bands that plays at their restaurants (I think every Wednesday) at night.


Here’s a selfie of me and Melissa!

DSC_0106 Drinking during daylight usually isn’t my thing, but for the sake of trying a drink, I ordered this… a drink that I don’t remember the name of. (No, I didn’t forget because I drank too much!)


We were quite disappointed about the hummus dip because they ran out of avocado and without the avocado it’s really just a regular hummus dip. We still managed to finish a lot just because we were hungry! And I have to give them credits for the good-looking quesadillas… Even looking at it now (at 2am) I still want to take a big bite.


Finally, the fried chicken and waffles. To be honest, we were really getting full by the time this came… The restaurant wasn’t busy at all but the waiter still took forever to serve us. They gave us the classic hot sauce, gravy, and maple syrup on the side. The combination wasn’t the best, but if you tried them individually then they all work pretty well with the fried chicken. The chicken wasn’t particularly juicy or anything. I was really excited to trying Harlem and wanted to say very good things about them, but after trying Stockyards, Harlem just seem so much more average. If anything, I would say I liked their quesadillas! The Quesadillas had meat fillings and was drizzled with the same hot sauce which was such a unique combo. I would have liked it more if they pressed the quesadillas, but hey, soft quesadillas were just as good.

There’s me! Getting excited about trying chicken and waffles.

Little Ms Rates this: 6/10





I have been to Stockyards twice, both times with my boyfriend, because we love it that much. Let me tell you, if we both go back to one restaurant more than twice, that means we really love it. We like trying out new places so we almost always go to different restaurants especially for brunch. I have to tell you I am not being biased raving about Stockyards, I went in both restaurants having the same expectation but Harlem just didn’t Wow me.

The first time I went to Stockyard, my boyfriend found the place and took me there as a surprise. It was a Saturday so it was very crowded and we barely had a place to put our coat. (That usually puts me off for a restaurant) The server was very friendly and approachable. We ordered juice, Stockyard breakfast sandwich, and again, stating the obvious, fried chicken and waffles.

The second time we went to Stockyards, it was on a weekday and by the time we arrived, we passed the breakfast hours. I was pretty upset since I went just for that amazing breakfast sandwich, but luckily there weren’t many customers so the chef said he’d make me one. (Made my day…)

Their menu is just a piece of A4 paper, but their food is really the reason so many people come on weekends.


A weekday noon is pretty empty, but still a few who enjoys late brunch and have nothing to do. (Losers.. Joking!)


This is one of my favorite breakfast sandwich. A homemade patty with melted cheese and topped with a fried poached egg in an English biscuit. I can eat this every morning and no one can make me feel guilty.

This is when many youngsters would say.. That yolk, doe.

And… Here it is! the long awaited chicken and waffles!


Not going to lie, I come to Stockyards for their breakfast sandwich so I didn’t care much for the fried chicken and waffles at that point. I did try a few bites before my boyfriend devoured it and not only that the outside was crispy, but the meat was still very juicy. They didn’t have as many choices for sauces comparing to Harlem however.


Le BF eating this chicken with two hands..!

As you can probably tell already that I prefer Stockyards fried chicken a lot more than Harlems. Maybe I should try Harlem’s dinner menu next time and see if they can win me over. Not to mention, Stockyards actually was selected the best fried chicken by The Village Post Magazine “Best of 2014”. I must say BlogTO did not do their research well on this one.

Little Ms rates this: 9/10 (Brunch heaven indeed)

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If you’ve been to either of these places, please let me know if you liked it or not and what you recommend to order! I really want to get to know Harlem more because I’ve heard so many good things about it and so far I am just not too impressed.

Stay Amazing !

– Little Ms. Everything


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