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Here are some easy Christmas DIY Decorations for this week!

Twigs Candle

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I used Cinnamon Sugared Donut by Bath and Body Works. This candle makes me feel like I am standing in front of Cinnabun… Seriously!

You can see I went out to the yard and cute up some twigs! The trick to keep everything clean is to dust all the dirt out and wipe it with a damp towel before gluing.


I used hot glue gun to attach the twigs to the candle jar.

Christmas tree art


I drew diagonal lines with a gold sharpie on the canvas and hot-glued small pom-pom balls I made with yarn onto the canvas to make a Christmas tree. If you don’t know how to make small pom poms, here’s a tutorial on YouTube. that you can follow. (Click Me for Tutorial)


Gift Basket




i put a body scrub in the basket because I haven’t gone Christmas shopping at the time and didn’t have much to put into the basket. I painted the crate with the color that I picked for my Christmas decor color scheme. The color is the chalky finish paint by Americana Decor in Vintage.


I also painted an wooden frame and plate in the same color. I then wrote “North Pole” on the plate with white acrylic paint and hung both on the wall.

Ferrero Rocher Wreath



Step 1:

Wrap ribbons around the styrofoam wreath and secure with hot glue

Step 2:

Make the base for the Ferrero Rocher Bouquet. Split up the tissue paper to make sure it’s all single ply. Make a paper pom pom with the tissue paper but only use 4 sheets. (This will allow you to only make half of a pompom with will make it easier to hot glue to the wreath.) (Click me for Paper Pompom tutorial) In the video tutorial, she uses a wire, but I just used elastic hair ties since we are making small sizes.

Step 3:

Hot glue the Ferrero Rocher to the base. (The half pompoms) Then glue them to the wreath starting from the inside.


Step 4:

Go through the wreath and secure loose ends with hot glue. Spray a light layer to spray glue and sprinkle glitter on top if you want extra sparkle.



Here’s the end product with Melissa’s help! (Yes, she’s the one holding the wreath!)

Gold Chalk Board


I painted the lid of the Ferrero Rocher box in gold acrylic paint because I really like the pattern on the lid. It gave different shades to the gold and created a cool effect. I then painted two layers of chalk board clear paint on top in case I want to write something on it! Lastly, I attacked the lid to a raw wood frame and hung it on the wall. I love how the frame pops out due to the thickness of the lid.


Keep Calm and Be Merry


To add an accent, I painted a square canvas pink and used stencils from Martha Stewart and painted “Keep Calm and Be Merry” with gold paint. I think it adds a cute and dorky feeling to the look which makes the nook so me. I also love the visible brush strokes for the dimension of the pink since there’s so much unused space.

Stay Merry Until Next Time!

– Little Ms. Everything

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