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I am not going to lie, I went a bit crazy yesterday doing some Christmas shopping (even after taking away the things I bought for myself). I am going to share with you some of the gifts I bought and some Christmas gift ideas. What is going to be special about this gift guide is that this is going to be an actual guide, not just gift suggestions from the internet. If you follow this guide, you will find the perfect gift to give out for this Christmas. Even if the gift isn’t ideal, you’ll at least have some inspirations!

Let’s start off with some of the things I bought for friends and family.

  • A Smart phone – I’m not going to tell you the brand because you will find out in the gift guide!
  • Gift sets from Sephora – I find them perfect for girls who want to try different products but don’t have the money to purchase them all individually
  • Purdy’s Chocolate – they have chocolate bars that you can stuff into socks, plus they look so much prettier and festive
  • Bath and Body Works – they sell many small products that are also perfect for sock stuffing
  • Papyrus Holiday Cards – They sell a variety of cards that are chic and cute. Forget the Hallmark cheesy cards, seriously.


  • Banana Republic Texting Gloves – I have a friend who loves playing games on his phone while on his way to work. I find this perfect for beating the cold in the face.

DIY Gift Ideas:

  • Christmas Hot Chocolate Ornaments – I bought a few clear ornaments from Michaels and filled them with hot chocolate powder, crushed candy cane, marshmallow, and chocolate chips. You can even switch up the flavor if you like. I also tied some strings to small bottles of Bailey’s to give out together.


  • Body Scrub Ornaments – DIY body scrubs are not only easy but also affordable. I made different flavors of body scrubs that can last in room temperature and filled them into the clear ornaments.
  • Mason Jar Gift sets – Get a few big mason jars and fill them up with small gifts. This can be VERY personalized for a friend or very cute for a party.

Now here’s the guide you’ve been waiting for. Here’s what you need to do. Answer each question and see the gift for that person, if you don’t think the gift fits, answer the next question below. When you get to the bottom, you should have an idea of what the person might like. Note that this gift guide is best used for 2014 Christmas! I have also separated the guide into a For Her and For Him. Enjoy!

For Him

forhim gifts

Smart Phone: OnePlus One; Tie: Burberry via Nordstrom; Turntable: Crosley; Watch Box: Fossil; Beer Making Kit: Brooklyn Brewshop via UrbanOutfitters

If you haven’t heard of OnePlus One, it is probably the hottest phone of 2014 that hasn’t been talked about enough. It’s essentially a $350 phone that is comparable to the other well-known $700+ smart phones. What makes it even more special is that it is invite only. BUT, for this Christmas, OnePlus has a promotion where you won’t need an invite to get the phone! I see this as the perfect opportunity to share the love. If your guy is classy, he’s going to like this Burberry tie. It’s subtle yet catches the eye in an instant. I love it so much I almost bought it for myself. Also, if he likes watches, a watch box would mean a lot because he can display his collection in a classy box that not only provides protection but also makes him smile every time he glimpse at it. (; However, if your guy is a free spirit, what’s more exciting than playing music using a turntable? I’ve always wanted one, but knowing that I will never actually put it to use stops me from impulsive spending. Your guy, on the other hand, is going to thank you for it. Last but not least, a BEER MAKING KIT, what?! Not every guy loves to DIY, but if he loves beer enough, he’ll probably turn into a 5-year-old kid when he sees this present!



Cheek Makeup Palette: Nars via Sephora; Red Heels: Vince Camuto via Nordstrom; Plaid Scarf: Madewell; Scented Candle: Baxter Wood Ash; Chocolate Bar: Compartes Donuts & Chocolate

The Cheek Palette by Nars is actually on my own wish-list this year. It’s definitely a go-to palette for a beautiful face! Plus, the packaging is irresistible. The red pumps are glamorous but still very chic. I decided to go for red pumps because I recently saw a pair at Tory Burch that were red and I wanted to wear it to a new years eve party. It’s important to find the right red with the right undertone so you don’t look like a clown! warm skin = warm red; cool skin = cool red, simple. Also, I would go for a darker red and not an apple bright red. I feel like I am just putting everything on my wish list here in hopes of someone will buy it for me.. JK! But I do love the scarf. It’s so perfect because many plaid scarves have a strong color palette which makes it hard to match. With this scarf, your casual girl can wear it with anything while staying warm and chic. Girls love scented candles, especially one that’s super fancy. This one by Baxter is soy based and has a warm scent to it. The different wood scents will not only put her in the holiday mood but also warm the space up immediately. Last and also my favorite, chocolate. What’s so unique about this chocolate bar by Compartés is that it’s donut and coffee flavored! We love donut and coffee… and chocolate, obviously. Doesn’t that make this the most awesome chocolate bar ever then?

I hope you enjoyed this guide. I actually have a lot more to share but I would hate to overwhelm you with all the ideas. Presents are suppose to be fun, not full of pressure. Anyways, thank you for stopping by even after the surprise incident that caused a delay in posting. I will see you again on Friday!

Stay Merry until next time!

– Little Ms. Everything

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