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How to plan the perfect Christmas Party.

Christmas parties are essentially like any other parties. From setting a date and time to gathering the attendees list, everything is important if you want your Christmas party to turn out the way you imagined. Here are the steps I take to plan the perfect Christmas party; strictly for a Christmas party.


Step One – Figure out What Where When and Who

First, know what kind of Christmas party you are having. Come up with a theme or activity to be the focus of the party. (Scroll to the bottom for Theme and Activities ideas) This way you can target the next thing you need to figure out, Where. Where to have your party is one of the first things you need to know. Some places require you to make a reservation months prior to the event. After that, you can figure out When you want to have the party. If your party involves alcohol, maybe have it during night time. If you want to have a casual potluck, you can host a lunch party. The important thing is that your theme, place, and time targets the right kind of guests. Lastly, you want to make a list of who you want to invite. There is really no restrictions on who you should or shouldn’t invite other than considering whether everyone will fit into the place of the party.

Step Two – Make a list… OF EVERYTHING

Now this is when party planning starts to become hectic. There are things you need to buy, bills you need to pay, and reservations to make. How do you keep track of all things? Make a clear list of everything you want at the party, then make a sub-list of what you need to buy or get for those things that you want. For example, you want to DIY a Self-serving Bar, that would be on the list of things you want. For the sub-list, you would put down things like ice-bucket, drink dispenser, frozen fruits and wine (for the sangria, obviously), and etc. By doing this, you have saved yourself the trouble of over spending or not knowing why you decided to buy useless things for the party. A very important tip for this party is to be aware of the price of everything you’ll be buying. You don’t want to spend more than your budget can afford.


Here’s everything you need to make a list of:

  • Food/snacks, and drinks (Probably the most important thing)
  • Utensils, glass and kitchenware
  • Decorations
  • Costume (Christmas hats for the guests?)
  • Things you need for games
  • Music
  • Seats
  • And other things related to your activities

Step Three – Make a Schedule

Believe me, telling your guests to “just come at 6pm” is often not enough unless you are only having a get together with some friends. Calculate the approximate time of how long each activities might take and work backwards to see when guests should arrive. For example, you know most of your guests would want to leave at 10pm and all of your activities together takes about 5 hours to accomplish, then you know your guests should arrive at around 5pm. I find this method very effective because this is when I can see whether my plans are realistic. Sometimes I tend to plan way too much because I get too excited.


Step Four – Invite your guests!

Now, go ahead and invite your guests! You may want to invite more than you planned because there are always no shows. This party is easy, Facebook events, cards, text messages, whatever you feel fit.

Step Five – Put everything together!

Starting from the most important things, you want to tick off your Christmas party to do list weeks in advance (not a day before). Make a Christmas playlist, finish all the DIY projects of the party, and other things that takes time to do.


That, is how you plan a successful Christmas party! If you need Ideas for Christmas party themes, music, or games, I have listed a few that I am planning on doing this year! (And stay posted for our Christmas Party Reveal!)


Music Playlist:

Sounds of the Season

Merry Christmas B*tch

Christmas Party Tracks


How the Grinch stole Christmas

Sexy Mr. Mrs. Claus

Gold and Glittery

The ugly Christmas sweater

Holiday Movie Marathon (with guests dressed in movie characters)



Gift Swap – Have all the guests bring a gift with the same budget, put a different number on each gift so no one knows who brought the gift. Have the guests draw number cards out of a box to see which gift they’ll get. This game is a good chance for people do give funny gifts that would give everyone a laugh!

Gift Challenge – Play quick games and the winner gets to pick a gift from all the gifts guests brought. Only the people who didn’t win can continue playing (so everyone gets one gift).

Christmas Carol Karaoke Night – Self explanatory..?

Christmas Drinking GamesThe 12 shots of Christmas via The Black Sheep, The Ultimate Christmas Drinking Game via Buzzfeed, Top 5 Drinking games for the festive season via Student Beans

Stay Merry until next time!

– Little Ms. Everything

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