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My skin care routine doesn’t really change much unless I discover an amazing product that makes my life easier. What changes a lot for me is the skin care products. I love trying out new products not only because I can prevent my skin from building resistance but also because my skin type changes with the season very often. I have very dry skin during the winter. The weather and the heater dries my skin out and gives me a flaky AND OILY skin. Yes, dry skin can cause oily skin. The excess oil is from your skin trying to lubricate the dry skin, so I like to use high hydration products during the winter. (Remember, hydration = water  base and does NOT = oil)

My skin care products during the winter are mostly focused on hydration and anti aging to prevent fine lines that are caused by dryness. Winter is also the only time where I’ll allow a little bit of oil based product. Since I have combination skin, I like to go for oil-free but hydrating products.


I used to have terrible skin in early high school years, then I started seeing a dermatologist who also does facials. She had taught me so much and helped me achieve the skin I have today. So if you have any questions regarding how to get clearer skin, you can comment below and I will try my best to answer you! (I am not a professional so I can’t give you the perfect answer for your skin type, but I hope I can help a little with the knowledge I have. However, if you have sensitive/allergic skin, please consult a professional dermatologist for proper care!)

Here’s my current skin-care routine with product details:

I ALWAYS try to take my makeup off before I go to bed, though there are times where I forget… (It’s terrible). Having makeup on for a long period of time is the worst way to treat your skin. It is best to take all the makeup off once you get home and allow your skin to breathe. My favorite makeup remover out of these three must be the makeup wipes by OLE. It is the most expensive out of all, but it really does make a difference to my skin. I always wake up with brighter skin the next morning if I have used this the night before. I would have to say that the Olive Makeup Wipes by The Face Shop removes makeup better though. This one is more moisturizing with the olive oil in it, but it is not oily at all. It doesn’t leave an oily feeling to the face which I hate. I love using this when I am feeling lazy because I can just use this and skip the moisturizing steps. My least favorite is the one by MAC. First because it makes the most mess AND doesn’t work as well on its own as the other two. I do use this with my Clarisonic to gently exfoliate and deep cleanse my skin.

On to face cleansers! I use the Cetaphil cleanser for gentle skin after I have taken my makeup off. This face wash does not foam, meaning that it won’t strip off the natural oil on your face. I wouldn’t recommend this if you have super oily skin though. This is perfect for winter if you want to avoid flakiness. But since this cleanser is so gentle, I use it with the Clarisonic brush once every two days to make sure I clean out any dirt completely. I don’t use the Clarisonic everyday because I have very sensitive skin and using it too often makes my skin red and dry. For a Moisturizing Exfoliator, I use the Peach & Willowbark Deep Pore Scrub by Burt’s Bees. Many exfoliators makes the skin VERY dry, but this one doesn’t. I just gently move it around my skin in a circular motion. I DO NOT rub this on because there are little hard pieces in there and that’s something I usually try to avoid. The truth is, exfoliators with beads are actually bad for your skin. Most of the time they scratch your skin rather than cleaning out the dirt and excess dead skin. I still use this one because it is moisturizing, and I just make sure the beads aren’t hurting my skin.

If I want to do something fancy, I have two masks that I use the most often at the moment. 1. Glacial Marine Mud Mask by E-Poch and 2. Ultra Light Mask Sheet by SKIN79. I use the mud mask to replace exfoliators for deep cleansing. I rub this (dark green mud) onto my t-zone and chin area and just wait about 5 minutes until it’s half-dried then I rinse it off with slightly warm water. You don’t need to wait until the mask is completely dry because, again, you don’t want to strip off all natural oil from your face. On other days where I need more moisture, I use the Ultra Light mask to hydrate my skin. Since this is very light, I don’t need to worry about clogging my pores. This mask does have a bit brightening AND lightening contents so I wouldn’t recommend to those who wants a tanned complexion.

If I did use a mask, I will gently wipe off any excess product then go on to moisturizing steps. If I didn’t use any masks, I use these (See Above) products right after I finish washing my face. I start with the toner on the right. MADAM’s is a brand from France, Paris. I purchased this from my dermatologist and it works wonders. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any results on the internet, so if anyone knows where this can be purchased please let me know! Next, I move on to serum. I don’t usually need a serum during the summer if I have my toner (Yes, it is THAT moisturizing), but during the winter, I need something extra to really sink into my skin. The serum that I am currently in love with is the GÉNIFIQUE Youth Activating Concentrate by LANCÔME. I know, I don’t really need a “youth activating” serum at 20 year-old, but this is one of the few products that actually got rid of my flaky skin. I gave my skin firmness and got rid of the dry and rough texture. I’ve heard so much good things about it but never tried since I didn’t think I would need an anti-aging serum. Now that I have tried, I will definitely buy another bottle regardless the pricey tags… This was one of my favorite finds in 2014! After using a serum, I seal everything up with a moisturizer. Here I am using the Stem Power moisturizer by SK-II. This moisturizer also promotes anti-aging effects, but I mostly use it for its creaminess and lightness. This moisturizer is creamy enough to keep my face protected when I go out in the cold, yet it’s light weight enough to not clog my pores. This is probably the heaviest product I put on my face, but it is perfect for my skin type during the winter. This product also absorbs quickly into the skin and doesn’t have much of a smell to it. (Perfect for dry and sensitive skin)

Under-eye Problem? No Problem..! I use the GÉNIFIQUE by LANCÔME (Right) at night for overnight under eye repair because it is thick and lasts hours. I also put a bit around the eyelid to prevent fine lines. Then I use the Eye Rescue by Jack Black (Left) in the morning, because this one is more lightweight and can be absorbed by the time I need to put on makeup. I tried using the LANCÔME one during the day and my makeup just slid right off since the formula of the moisturizer is so thick.

last but not least, I take my lip-care very seriously during the winter. These two products are not the typical lip balm/lip chap. The left is actually a green coffee lip scrub by SKINFOOD. I use it to prep my lips for lipstick or just to get rid of any chapped skin. I then use the lip serum by fresh. This lip serum INSTANTLY turns my lips very soft and kissable! After the lip serum, I would put on some lip balm to seal in the serum. The lip balm I use are pretty standard. I like using Kiehl’s, fresh, and Burt’s Bees lip balms. I have so many lip balms lying around because I always misplace them and I would buy more. Now I have about 10 lip balms from those three brands.. haha!

AND a little bonus just for you,

This is a product that I love using during the summer to soothe my skin after being under the sun all day. But recently I find it very useful when putting on makeup. Since some foundation and concealers can be drying to the skin during winter, I spray this lightly onto the skin after applying makeup to give a dewy look and to keep the foundation from sucking the moisture out of my skin! Give it a try!

I hope my winter skin care routine had helped you to see what you need in your skin care routine. Don’t forget, it is just as important to drink water as moisturizing to keep your skin hydrated!

What is your skin care routine like? Share it with me because I would love to try out some new products (as my face serum is running out)!

Stay Amazing!

– Little Ms. Everything


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