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So, this will be one of the most personal series so far on this blog. I will be posting every week on my fitness journey of 16 weeks with pictures AND healthy recipes I personally make. My goal is to feel lean and strong and of course in a S.M.A.R.T. goal, I want to lose 15 lbs and be able to fit into my jeans again.

Here’s a little story about me and my weight journey. I was a chubby baby and I only got chubbier as I grew. I was considered overweight in grade 5. I can’t remember exactly how much I weigh but I can still fit into the clothes I used to wear in grade 5. I started losing weight starting at around grade 7 most likely due to puberty. The most drastic change was when I went into grade 9 and I was no longer considered chubby. For the first time people would actually compliment on my figure. (Probably also because I was more active than ever)

I started working out in grade 11. I still took gym class even though I wasn’t very athletic. I just thought I could force myself to be active… And it worked! I went to the gym almost every weekend and that was when I was the leanest and healthiest. After graduating high school, I moved to Ontario for university and that was when everything changed. I met new friends and went out a lot. I also lived in the dorm so cafeteria access was easy. I ate out literally every meal since I didn’t even have a kitchen. I gained 15 lbs in my freshmen year putting me at 125 lbs and that was the heaviest I have ever been at the time.

In second year, I really got back into working out and eating clean. I actually really enjoyed it and wanted to go every day. I lost 10 lbs and put on a lot of muscle.

^ The Before and After photo of my stomach in 4 months. My butt had an even more dramatic change but I’m just not ready to share my butt picture with the world yet…

End of the year however, a big event (I talked about it briefly Here) happened and I also flew back to Taiwan, which caused me to stop working out. I pretty much gave up on my body and ate whatever I wanted and lost all of tone I had. Since then, I have just been gaining weight because I never got back into it. I gained another 10 lbs in just 4 months when I had a coop placement. Which brings me to the heaviest (128 lbs) I have ever been IN MY LIFE.

I am doing this series because not only that I believe I can achieve my goal, but I also want to share my journey, tips, and inspiration with you. I hope that after reading this you can find the motivation to get you off of that couch/bed and get movin’.

*My main goal is NOT to lose weight. My goal is to be healthy and feel energetic, but since you have to make your goals measurable, I set a number for me to reach.*

My journey was supposed to start on the 5th of January which was the first day of school but I injured myself on the way to school so I had to rest for a week… Therefore, this monday (12th) was my first day. Let me tell you, being fit is something you need to constantly keep up with to not lose track. I was able to easily do and finish the same workouts I did on Monday, but I was so out of breath on Monday, I could only finish half of the workout. I have recommended some fitness gurus below that I follow on Instagram and some of them have e-books which you can purchase. You do NOT have to buy them to be fit. I came up with my own workouts before even buying theirs and I still obtained good results. I would suggest doing research on what type of workouts you should do and the frequency of them.

Below is a list of fitness guru I follow on Instagram:

@Kayla Itsines – Her fitness book is the one that I am currently following. It is 12 weeks plus 4 weeks pre-workout which makes 16 weeks. (Hence the 17 posts for this series) Her workouts are manageable because it only takes up to 40 minutes top each workout. However, it is NOT easy. they are challenging but they give you such amazing results.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 9.08.26 PM

Elle is a yogi, so if you’re mot into yoga than working out. Her e-book can also help you achieve some of your health goals! I love reading her Instagram captions! She also features people who’s using her e-book from around the world on her other Instagram account @ellefitactive

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 9.03.42 PM

Although Amanda’s Instagram doesn’t tell you the exact workouts she does, her pictures are often inspirational and can keep you motivated. Plus, her body is amazing! Amanda also does some yoga, so if you’re a yogi, you’d love her.


Iza is actually a model. Not all of her posts are on fitness, but when she does post about fitness, it is most definitely hard-core. She the type that trains hard and play hard!

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 9.11.52 PM

She was one of the first fitness guru I followed on Instagram. Before I purchased Kayla’s e-book I often took parts of her workouts and made up my own. I would pick 4-6 workouts that targets similar area, and do about 4 sets and have 1 minute break in between.

There are many more inspirational fitness gurus out there. I find Instagram to be a great medium for individuals to feel connected. The best way to keep up with your workouts is when you feel like you’re doing it with someone else.

It is important, however, to not obsess over looking a certain way just because “that girl on Instagram looks hot”. We all have our own bodies, and as long as you feel healthy and confident, you’ll look just as great as anyone.

I will come back next week with a simple quinoa salad recipe that can trick you into thinking that you ate more than you actually did. I will also update you on my progress. I am visiting my boyfriend this weekend and let’s hope I won’t get too off track with eating healthy and working out!

Stay Amazing

– Little Ms. Everything


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