Fitness Transformation Week 4 | SImple Quinoa Salad Recipe

So… after I was done half of my post, my internet crashed and my post wasn’t saved. So let’s try this again.

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Let’s just say, I’m more than surprised with the result. I didn’t think my body was going to change so rapidly especially because I used to workout and I wouldn’t see this kind of result until 2 months later. This was taken at the beginning of the third week.

Here’s a before picture for comparison.

Although I may make it seem like this is fast and easy, but it does come with patience and persistence. Some days I would feel worse than the day before and want to beat myself up for not working hard for an extra 5 minutes. But don’t do that, guys! Your body changes because of many reasons, and you shouldn’t make yourself feel bad about going to the gym! (Don’t be like me!) A tip I would give is that, on days when you feel lazy, don’t give your self the chance to think about all the excuses to justify yourself and make you feel better about not going to the gym. Right when you start to feel lazy and want to skip exercising, get up and move around. Put on some upbeat music, and trust me, it works. If no one is around (or you don’t get embarrassed by anything what-so-ever), you can even do some dance moves (twerk) to warm yourself up! (And giirrrll, I’ve got no shame to admit that I’ve done that… a lot!)

I did not follow Kayla’s meal plan, however. I just want to tell you guys in case you don’t get the same results as me. I have to say that my meal plan is very similar to hers. I have almost all the basic ingredients that she mentioned in her book. The reason why I chose not to follow her meal plan is because I used to eat clean and I already have knowledge on what is good for my body and what is not. I also eat food according how my body reacts to it so I avoid certain foods. If you don’t have any preliminary knowledge on how to eat healthy effectively, I would suggest following Kayla’s guide or do well research to learn the basic knowledge of how our body functions.

Now, let’s move onto the recipe. I love this quinoa recipe because I can either eat it cold with a salad or warm it up and eat it with my meat (most of the time it’s chicken or salmon). This recipe is super simple and requires very little cooking. You can prep this and it will last you a week without having to worry about whether it will stay fresh or not.

Quinoa Salad

What you’ll need:
– 1/2 cup quinoa
– 1/4 cup chopped tomato
– 1/4 cup chopped cucumbers (I used green peppers in this because I didn’t have any cucumbers)
– pinch of zest lemon and (optional) lemon juice
– black pepper and salt to preference

Steps? well I told you it would be simple, so… Cooked the quinoa (Click here for guidance) and mixes everything together! This should be enough for one meal and if you want to prep for the week, just times the amount by however many days you wish to prepare.

DSC_0007 DSC_0010 DSC_0011
One of the awesome thing about this recipe is that the tomato and cucumber will make you think you are eating more quinoa than you are. And for people like me, I need to know I’ve had my carbs to feel full. (A simple salad would never work for me)

Hopefully this was helpful to you and my progress has motivated you a little more. Stay tuned until next month for another fitness transformation!

Start next Monday February 23rd, and sync with me with the BBG workout and share with me your progress as well!

Stay Amazing!

– Little Ms. Everything

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