Spring Ready in 5 Easy Steps

Spring is 5 days away, and in many places it still feels like winter. (yes.. Toronto, I’m talking about you) You may not feel like Spring is almost here but you can definitely make your home spring ready in just 5 steps. Spring is refreshing and enlightening. By making your home spring ready, it can give you many inspirations on things you want to accomplish during this season!


Step 1: Spring Cleaning

The best way to change up your space is to start new. Spring is all about opening up the space and embracing the sun. Here are some things you must do during spring cleaning.
1. Throw out all the junk and put away everything winter. (Donate or have a garage sale?)
2. Clean your windows and don’t forget the sliding tracks. (After keeping them closed all winter, they must be dirty!)
3. Deep clean your carpet and window treatments
4. Wardrobe Change! (Put away thick coats and heavy snow boots and hang up some lighter spring jackets in the front of your closet

Step 2: Change up the linens

Start with your bed and couch. Change up your bed sheets to a lighter color like pastel and pick out bright color and pattern pillows. One other thing you can do is to put away the duvet and switch to quilts.
*Trend Watch: Shibori is a big trend this spring. Say bye to chevron and embrace the natural patterns of Shibori.

Simple Room

1.Katherine Sham - Ralph Lauren; 2.Crochet Squares Blanket - Zara Home; 3.Cushion Cover with lace frills; 4.Plum & Bow Ruffle Gauze Curtain - Urban Outfitters

Shibori Room

1. Shiobri Shams - West ELm; 2.Designer's Guild Savine Indigo Rug - Heal's; 3.Cotton Cushion Cover - H&M

Floral Room

1.Rosa Alexandra - Magenta Fabric; 2.Floral Print Pillow - Zara Home; 3.Boeme Larkspur Linen Cushion - Heal's; 4.Kalei Curtain - Anthropologie

Step 3: Matte the Brass

Remember when you bought everything in brass because it was so hot during fall and winter? Well, don’t worry about having to change them up, because all you have to do is to put a coat of matte paint on! Give your brass hardware a matte coat to get an elegant yet chic look! If you don’t want to DIY, you can also find decorations that have a matte finish.

HEX Nob – Schoolhouse
 Lander Brass Scone – Crate&Barrel

Step 4: Bring outdoor to indoor

Whether your garden is too small or the weather is too cold to have a garden, you can bring everything outdoor to indoor and continue the Spring party inside your home!

green plants

 Step 5: Keep Calm and Workout

Winter is over! That means no more binge eating and watching Netflix in your bed. Start your bikini workout and eat like a human being should. Take advantage of the weather and take a stroll in the park or go for a swim (if it’s not too cold). Most importantly, play whatever music you like to dance to and dance away in your new SPRING home!

Roasted Cauliflower and Mushroom Quinoa Salad 500 8021
Here‘s a healthy recipe that I’m dying to try out!

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– Little Ms. Everything

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