For the Mind: Renewed

No time no see, hope you like the change.

Renewed: The perfect word for this post. Not only that I am restarting this blog with a new outlook, but I also found a new meaning in the word: renewed.

Renewed is waking up everyday and being present, not thinking about what happened yesterday or what will happen tomorrow. You remain confident that you can make today different even if you went to bed crying last night. You are willing to give today another try even if yesterday said you are hopeless. By thinking this way, I find that everyday has endless possibilities, even if the day end up being less than what I expected, I know I have tomorrow to restart. More importantly, when the days are good, it is meaningful and I know I have made progress.

When I used to get upset or anxious, it would follow me to the next day. I would used to always wake up to the feeling of no matter what I do today, it won’t mean anything in the end. I kept trying to fight it with all the possible ways I could think of, but would always fall back into the old pattern as long as I kept the thought of failure from yesterday. I never realized why it was so important to live in the present.

If you are the same, join me and start being renewed. wake up in the morning not thinking about yesterday, but only what you will accomplish today. You will look at yourself, and know you are great, and you have so much potential to do things you can’t even imagine.

Now go werq(work) it (;

-Little Ms. Everything

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