How to: Interior Design Inspiration Board – My Bedroom Inspiration Board

I recently came back to Taiwan and is currently staying home for a few months. Although my room was only done last year, I felt that I need to change it up to make it feel more like who I am. I decided that I’m going to repaint my room in July or August and is looking for a color that I will love for years (since I only visit about once a year). Here’s two inspiration boards I put together to give me a few ideas, but of course, being who I am, I might change my mind before the end of this month…

This year is is all about color coordination with a pop of color. I first picked out a gray from Benjamin Moore since I wanted something classic and won’t go out of style (as Taylor Swift may say). But then I wanted something with a bit more feminine tone but still soft, so I picked out a taro-y purple called Orleans Violet from Benjamin Moore. I am really in love with this color, but it will be harder for me to match the furniture I have at home already.

Lilac Idea Board

I find that changing up the colors in a room and really change someone’s mood. The most important thing to remember when picking a color is to pick a color that you feel most comfortable and relaxed in. If you like a really strong color, go for the pastel tone of it. If you like dull colors, add a little for hue to it and it will help lighten up your mood.

Now, how to make your own inspiration board:

1. Find an application or website where you can put together the pictures you find.

Photoshop / PicMonkey

2. Instagram, Pinterest, and your favorite home stores.

You can find many inspirations on Instagram and Pinterest. After you’ve found a few, you can go onto your favorite home only shops and find the pieces that match the color and theme of your inspiration board.

3. Decide on your paint colors after you’ve figured out the type of room you like. Paint colors can really make a room seem different even with the same decorations. Pick a few paint colors and use the as the background of your inspiration board to see which one fits the best.

Idea Board

4. Put everything in place and look for a few more items to switch things up and it may surprise you on what might look good.

When you’re done, you can print this out or send this to your phone so when you go out shopping for your items, you can refer to this picture and see if it will fit your theme. (and prevent you from breaking down in the middle of the store from all the things you can pick from!)

I hope this will help you to keep busy and de-stress by doing something more creative. Let your imagination go craayyy!

Let me know if you like the designs I’ve came up with and if you have any suggestions!

– Little Ms. Everything

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