Perfect Skin Series – Skin Care Products Review|How to Pick the Best Products for Your Skin

A beautiful glowing skin is always the most important when it comes to beauty. Why? Because your skin reflects your health, hygiene, and daily habits. You can use makeup to transform your look and even cover up any imperfections on your skin, but without a clean base, even the best makeup can’t do its magic.


Although skin imperfections often comes from hormones within the body, you can still make it better by giving it what it lacks. I want to stress what I just said, “giving it what it lacks“!!!

When it comes to picking the right skin care products, the first thing is to eliminate the ones with unnecessary functions, such as wrinkle reducing, whitening, or pore-shrinking. When a product claims to do so many things that just doesn’t seem easy, it’s probably because it contains lots of chemicals. These things may work like magic, but they are also adding burden to your skin. Like I’ve mentioned, most imperfections on the skin is a reflection of your inner health. The products are only there to support the skin and not to actually fix all problems.

Now, it is time to find out what your skin type is.

1. Oily – Your skin is often oily and shiny. You have no problem with fine lines. Usually on teenagers to young adults.

2. Oily & Dry – This is different from combination-oily. Your skin can easily become oily and shiny, but you also have problems like fine lines and flaky skin especially in the winter.

3. Oily Combination – Your T-zone is oily but other parts of your face is normal.

4. Dry – You don’t produce much oil throughout the day and is dry and flaky without lotion or during the winter. You may also have problems with fine lines.

My skin type is oily & dry which can be tricky when it comes to skin care. To make the challenge even harder, I also have super sensitive skin with occasional hyper pigmentation. Surprisingly, I’ve met many people with the same skin type but didn’t realize that and have been using the wrong products for years. This can cause the skin to worsen even if it feels like you’ve used all the products that claim to fix those problems.

I had a terrible skin in early high school. I had pores&pimples, shiny&oily skin, and is often red and sensitive. I learnt so much from dermatologists and skin care experts that now I always get compliments on how perfect my skin looks. They could never believe how bad my skin condition was and how I changed it with a few simple secrets.

1. Cleansing

Let’s start with the most basic step to clear skin. Cleaning your skin is important, but there’s also a fine line before you go too far. The best cleansing routine is to clean your face twice a day. For special skin types like mine, you should also have two types of face wash, one for morning and one for night. The tool you use is also important because you want to be able to clean out your pores but not to strip the natural oil from it. When your cleansing step is done properly, the difference it makes will surprise you.

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Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar - Erno Laszlo

This soap is a popular remedy for oily skin and blackheads, and is even widely used by celebrities and royals. It's the perfect soap in the summer to clean out all the dirt and oil to prevent oxidisation which causes blackheads!

Gentle Skin Cleanser - Cetaphil

This gentle cleanser does not strip the natural oil your skin produces which is great for dry skin. It is soothing to the skin and minimizes any irritations caused by chemicals.

Konjac Sponge - Boscia

This bamboo charcoal cleansing tool made from konjac fibers not only helps deep clean your pores, it is also super gentle and has different options like hydrating clay, and complexion clearing clay. Suitable (and necessary) for daily use.

2. Hydration

In skin care, hydrating and moisturizing are slightly different. Hydrating usually means giving water to your skin and moisturizing means giving oil to your skin. Hydrating your skin is super important for ALL skin types while moisturizing is only suitable for normal to dry skin. For my skin care routine, I always have one product that only claims to do one thing and does it very well, and that is hydration. Once your skin sucks up enough water, your pores automatically shrinks because it no only has to get water from air and therefore closes its pores. It also helps your skin to look more bouncy and bright. Lastly, it also helps reduce oil production for oily skin. (WHAT?!) I know… it sounds ridiculous, but here’s why. When your skin is thirsty, the surface becomes dry, and your skin produces oil to coat the skin to prevent it from breaking. The easiest solution is to GIVE IT WATER!! Ask for oil-free, paraben free, and alcohol free products for hydration when you are shopping for skin care products next time.

Make A Difference - Plus +

This treatment contains Rose of Jericho from the dessert which detains all moisture and rejuvenates the skin up to 24 hrs; perfect for oily skin. There's also a cream and moisturizer for dry and normal skin.

Ultra Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum - MyChelle

The sun can dry out the skin and cause fine lines if the skin is not soothed and hydrated properly and immediately! This lightweight yet super effective hydrating serum is my simple holy grail during the summer.

3. Natural Ingredients

Learning to read the labels is necessary if you want to be able to pick out good products that are worth your money. Many famous cosmetic and skin care brands add ingredients that are synthesized or a cheaper replacement for fillers. When reading the label, it’s best to avoid products containing ethyl alcohol (ethanol), parabens (or any names that ends with parabens), artificial fragrances. These ingredients can cause irritation, allergic reaction, and dryness. It could be hard to avoid all these ingredients at times but I always ask if the product is made base on natural ingredients from le mother nature! Here are some skin care brands that generally carries natural products: Kiehl’s, Three, Origins, Seacret.

 With these three simple tricks, you can also have beautiful glowing skin, AND gives you a clear and soft base for our next post on the perfect skin makeup challenge! Make sure to share and subscribe if you’d like to see more!

– Little Ms. Everything


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