Easy Planning for the best Christmas Party | 2015

Planning a party can be a mess, especially when you’re finally taking a break from work or school and just want to relax. Not to worry! We put together a fool-proof planning process that will make you plan an awesome Christmas party. Though it may not be a piece of cake, but we’ll try our best to make it two pieces!


1. Choose the date and time of the party

This is important to do first since you want to be able to talk to your guests about it. Ask them when they are most available so you can have as many people as you want there. This can also help you decide what would be most appropriate to bring to the party!

2. Choose a theme

Now that you have the date and time set, it’s time to pick the theme. Think about the guests you are inviting and what they enjoy doing and eating. Ask yourself questions such as, “do most of them enjoy drinking” and “do they prefer to play games or chat”. Figure our the best way to entertain your guests and yourself, and your theme should be easy and obvious! For the sake of examples, we picked two themes, Elegant but also wild grown-ups and Kids friendly family reunion. If your theme happens to be either one of these, well, we just made your life that much easier!

3. Make an inspiration board

Now comes the fun part! Go on blogs and Pinterest to find pictures that matches your theme. It could be pictures from decorations to games and gifts, or just anything that matches the color theme.

Elegant Christmas

Table setting; Bath bomb ornament; Mantel decor; Reindeer string art; Christmas tree; utensil wraps

Kid's party

Table setting; Gift exchange; Gold-painted balloons; Photo booth props; Hot cocoa kit; Christmas tree

4. Plan your menu

With an inspiration in place, you can decide whether you want a buffet or course meals. The type of food also depends on the environment and theme of the party. It could be casual like pig in blankets or extravagant like a nice roast beef. Don’t forget to include appetizers, mains, dessert, and drinks! Here are some food ideas you can consider for the themes we’ve chosen:

elegant menu

Bourbon Balls; Red velvet crinkles; Beef tenderloin with parmesan-herb stuffing; Christmas tree cheese plate; Frost bite Mocktail; Salami & cream cheese rollups

kid's menu

Pigs in a blanket; Kringle krinkles; Chocolate covered strawberry Christmas tree; Christmas Quiche; Christmas tree rice crispy; Peppermint eggnog punch

5. Make a list

When you have figured out everything you want for the party, it’s time to put it down on a shopping/prepping list. Categorize your list into decorations, food ingredients, and others. Write down (literally) EVERYTHING you need and highlight the ones you need to purchase. Time to go shopping!

6. Make a schedule

You should also make a schedule days before the party to avoid panics! Prioritize your to-do list and try to finish certain things ahead of time, such as putting up decorations two days before and prepping food one day before the party. This can relieve some stress and give you plenty of time to dress up!

7. Execute and Have fun!

All you need to do now, is to follow the plan you’ve came up and watch it fall into place! Everyone will have a blast and so are you! Oh, and be sure to keep your glass filled!

Merry Christmas, and Party On!!

– Little Ms. Everything

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