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How to: Interior Design Inspiration Board – My Bedroom Inspiration Board

I recently came back to Taiwan and is currently staying home for a few months. Although my room was only done last year, I felt that I need to change it up to make it feel more like who I am. I decided that I’m going to repaint my room in July or August and is looking for a color that I will love for years (since I only visit about once a year). Here’s two inspiration boards I put together to give me a few ideas, but of course, being who I am, I might change my mind before the end of this month…

This year is is all about color coordination with a pop of color. I first picked out a gray from Benjamin Moore since I wanted something classic and won’t go out of style (as Taylor Swift may say). But then I wanted something with a bit more feminine tone but still soft, so I picked out a taro-y purple called Orleans Violet from Benjamin Moore. I am really in love with this color, but it will be harder for me to match the furniture I have at home already.

Lilac Idea Board

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Spring Ready in 5 Easy Steps

Spring is 5 days away, and in many places it still feels like winter. (yes.. Toronto, I’m talking about you) You may not feel like Spring is almost here but you can definitely make your home spring ready in just 5 steps. Spring is refreshing and enlightening. By making your home spring ready, it can give you many inspirations on things you want to accomplish during this season!

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Color of the Year 2015 – Marsala
January 11, 2015

Color of the Year 2015 – Marsala

If you haven’t heard, Marsala is officially the color of year by Pantone. The color is a neutral, earthy, and almost burgundy brown. It simply is elegant, subtle, yet serves great for an accent. As Pantone’s Leatrice Eiseman would call it “a vintage but neutral feel, which evokes pleasant memories,” this hue is going to be the new black for 2015. Below are some fab products and items of the year in the color Marsala.


Want to find out how you can decorate, style or even wear the color Marsala? Continue reading to find out the most fabulous products and items of the year in the color Marsala.

color of the year 1
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Holiday Series | The Ultimate Gift Guide

I am not going to lie, I went a bit crazy yesterday doing some Christmas shopping (even after taking away the things I bought for myself). I am going to share with you some of the gifts I bought and some Christmas gift ideas. What is going to be special about this gift guide is that this is going to be an actual guide, not just gift suggestions from the internet. If you follow this guide, you will find the perfect gift to give out for this Christmas. Even if the gift isn’t ideal, you’ll at least have some inspirations!

Let’s start off with some of the things I bought for friends and family.

  • A Smart phone – I’m not going to tell you the brand because you will find out in the gift guide!
  • Gift sets from Sephora – I find them perfect for girls who want to try different products but don’t have the money to purchase them all individually
  • Purdy’s Chocolate – they have chocolate bars that you can stuff into socks, plus they look so much prettier and festive
  • Bath and Body Works – they sell many small products that are also perfect for sock stuffing
  • Papyrus Holiday Cards – They sell a variety of cards that are chic and cute. Forget the Hallmark cheesy cards, seriously.


  • Banana Republic Texting Gloves – I have a friend who loves playing games on his phone while on his way to work. I find this perfect for beating the cold in the face.

DIY Gift Ideas:

  • Christmas Hot Chocolate Ornaments – I bought a few clear ornaments from Michaels and filled them with hot chocolate powder, crushed candy cane, marshmallow, and chocolate chips. You can even switch up the flavor if you like. I also tied some strings to small bottles of Bailey’s to give out together.


  • Body Scrub Ornaments – DIY body scrubs are not only easy but also affordable. I made different flavors of body scrubs that can last in room temperature and filled them into the clear ornaments.
  • Mason Jar Gift sets – Get a few big mason jars and fill them up with small gifts. This can be VERY personalized for a friend or very cute for a party.

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