For the Mind: Renewed

No time no see, hope you like the change.

Renewed: The perfect word for this post. Not only that I am restarting this blog with a new outlook, but I also found a new meaning in the word: renewed.

Renewed is waking up everyday and being present, not thinking about what happened yesterday or what will happen tomorrow. You remain confident that you can make today different even if you went to bed crying last night. You are willing to give today another try even if yesterday said you are hopeless. By thinking this way, I find that everyday has endless possibilities, even if the day end up being less than what I expected, I know I have tomorrow to restart. More importantly, when the days are good, it is meaningful and I know I have made progress.

When I used to get upset or anxious, it would follow me to the next day. I would used to always wake up to the feeling of no matter what I do today, it won’t mean anything in the end. I kept trying to fight it with all the possible ways I could think of, but would always fall back into the old pattern as long as I kept the thought of failure from yesterday. I never realized why it was so important to live in the present.

If you are the same, join me and start being renewed. wake up in the morning not thinking about yesterday, but only what you will accomplish today. You will look at yourself, and know you are great, and you have so much potential to do things you can’t even imagine.

Now go werq(work) it (;

-Little Ms. Everything

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10 Ways to Keep Up With Your Resolutions

I can finally say, I have achieved a lot last year. 2014 was a big year for me. I went through a big event towards the end of 2013 which changed the way I see things and do things in 2014. let me just tell you some of the things that changed for me in 2014. (After all, it has been 27 posts with you)

1. I was always a nervous kid, but in 2014 I had my first panic attack and since then I have had a few more. I learned more about my insecurities and what makes me nervous. I also learned how to control it and trying my best to face it.
2. In 2014, rather than just thinking about what I want to do in the future, I decided to act on it so I can actually achieve my goals. I got back into doing projects, consulted schools, and looked into everything I could do to to fulfill my passion.
3. I started blogging (without quitting). I have blogged since I was in high school but my post count never really past 3. I never had enough motivation to put the effort in and though I wish I had more persistence, I am glad that I found that now and can be open with the world.
4. Speaking of being open, I kept a lot of secrets about myself. I never faced my emotional problems. I never shared my fear of becoming like my dad who suffers from severe depression. I never for a second thought to tell my friends problems I have within the family, or my loneliness for being away from friends and family. In 2014, with the support of my boyfriend, I learned to share and to put effort into maintaining my relationships with friends and family. I am now less afraid to tell people how I feel.

I’ve learned more about myself in the past year by making these mini milestones, and I find that it really helped me see what I needed to stay motivated and reach my goals. I have made more goals for myself for 2015 and I am planning on using the 10 tips that I am about to share with you to keep myself motivated and on track.

Continue reading…

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Merry Christmas, and Thank you!

Merry Christmas, world.

I hope you guys are having a wonderful holiday and keeping warm. I want to first explain why I have not kept up with my holiday series schedule! Most of my friends were away at school and they have just recently came back for the holidays so I wanted to spend more time with them before I move away. (Yes! I’m moving!) That being said, I’m not only busy with friends but also swamped with figuring out housing and moving! On top of that, my boyfriend planned a last minute road trip for 4 days! It has been so busy but I really had an amazing time. I also missed blogging, but I was always so tired by the time I sat down in front of my laptop. I hope you guys have all been busy for the holidays as well. (So I don’t feel as bad if you’ve been waiting for my to posts!) I actually already have all the materials readied for posting but since today is already Christmas, I will perhaps save them until next year!

Now that I am back from vacation, I will have more time to post and I am so excited about some of the NYE ideas I have. I also have some exciting news to share, but I want to give you all a surprise. I am very happy to say that Little Ms. Everything is going to start something new and something different. I also want to say thank you to all my readers. I know I have only started this blog a few months back, and I am still far from being where I would like to be, but you have been very supportive from just subscribing to my blog!

It would also be amazing if you could comment and share so we can continue to grow our family and stay connected!

Anyway, I should get back to enjoying my Christmas with feasts and chocolates. Don’t worry, I will see you before 2015 is here!

Thank you again!

Lots of love,

Little Ms. Everything

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Scheduling Announcement

As you may have noticed, our Christmas Decor I was not posted on Friday. There was suppose to be only a slight delay, but the laptop which I store all the material and photos is left in a friend’s car, and I won’t be able to get it back until Tuesday. Meaning… the Monday VLOG post will also be delayed!

Because there will be so many posts that we will need to catch up on, I decided to combine the two decor posts on this Friday, and post our first VLOG video on the weekend. The rest of the posts will be unaffected! Since we have no access to any photos, we won’t be able to make any planned posts, but please come back on Wednesday for the “Ultimate Gift Guide” post!

I’m so sorry, guys!

– Little Ms. Everything


Holiday Series|Beginning of Christmas

That’s right, Christmas doesn’t start on the 25th… it starts on the 1st of December!

I am so excited to introduce our MONTH LONG Holiday Series! We will be posting Christmas Party plans, ideas, recipes, decor DIYs, outfits, and so much more! I will also be vlogging (Videos on our blog for the first time!) and keeping records of every exciting thing we do for Christmas! We will also be updating our Instagram more often than ever to show you some of the behind the scene sneak peaks. You can find our posting schedule below and check back regularly for things you’ve never seen before! (Seriously!)

December Calendar Intro 1

Don’t worry guys. We are STILL trying to post our regular posts REGULARLY. Unfortunately, we are very short staffed at the moment so please be patient! We have many great posts coming up, so please check back often.

GOOD NEWS! We have a new staff joining Little Ms. Everything. We are so excited! This secret contributor will remain anonymous for now until we can give her a grand introduction!

Stay Merry!

– Little Ms. Everything

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