Halloween Series: Party of the Dead

Having a party this year? Great! I love planning parties as well. Decoration on Halloween is so important! Oh wait… FOOD is even more important! Lucky you, I put together EVERYTHING you need for this year’s most epic Halloween party. Many of these are DIY so they’re not only easy, but also cost very little. Although Halloween is coming in three days, these projects requires little time and practice as long as you have the things needed. Now, pull out your shopping list and start planning the party for the dead, monsters, and whatever that’s coming to the party!


  1. Witch Hat Cupcakes

These wicked cupcakes will blow your guests away and turn them all into witches! (Just kidding, I don’t think werewolves can also be witches.)


witch-cupcakes For Chocolate Pumpkin Cupcake Recipe, Click Here. 

  1. Meatball Mummies

These don’t only look super cute but also look DELICIOUS. Can I just eat you all already..?


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Halloween Series: Creative and Fun Costume Ideas/Tutorials
October 28, 2014
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Halloween Series: Creative and Fun Costume Ideas/Tutorials


Welcome to the first post of Halloween Series! This series contain 4 different categories of Halloween related ideas for you to jazz up this year’s Halloween! In this post I will share Costume Ideas to inspire you and show you something different from just having bunny/cat ears ! Subscribe to make sure you don’t miss a post on Halloween decorations, nails ideas, last-minute costumes, and most importantly, Halloween FOOD ideas for your party!

I love Halloween because you get to dress up like anything and you can put the most dramatic makeup on your face and no one will judge. (Or maybe they do, I just don’t care…) BUT, I don’t ever spend too much time on making my Halloween costumes. I would literally start preparing the night before and grab whatever I have around the house. If you’re like me, you need no worry! I put together some creative and fun yet very doable Halloween costume ideas and inspirations with tutorials or shopping options!

  1. Vintage Celebrities

As many times as people have done this look, being able to dress up like a Hollywood Star from the 50s is really a privilege. Halloween is the only day where people won’t think you’re crazy for dreaming to be one!



Visit STUREPLAN for all products used for this look.

  1. Maleficent – The wicked witch

I am guessing that there will be quite a few attempts this year on being Maleficent (played by Angelina Jolie in Maleficent). Here are some ways you can achieve this look!

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