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I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since I was in London. It was such an eye-opening experience because I had never gone to Europe on my own. From being scared that things would get stolen to biking in the rain along the river being so carefree, this travel experience gave me an opportunity to really explore the world on my own. I had put together some videos to share with you and hopefully give you an idea of what I did in London. There were many many things I wish I had documented… but I also promised myself I would try to be in the moment. I think an important reason for someone to travel is the experience. If all you do is take photos and videos, you might as well go on google image search. (Except for those who love photography and go on trips to fulfill their hobby)

I wish I could share my experiences of meeting new friends at the hostel, POLE DANCING, and good times I’ve had spending with friends in London. I also wish I had known my videos would be this wobbly! This was my first time trying to make a video and I really had no idea what I was doing. Sorry if I make you dizzy !

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Food Adventure: London
March 23, 2015

A Day in Toronto: Gusto 101-Italian Cuisine

Toronto is a downtown city where financial industries thrive, yet its architectural culture is full of history. I have never lived in Toronto long enough to call myself a Torontonian, but I’ve paid enough visits there to be able to shop and eat like a local! As of now, I also travel to the office in downtown (right above Eaton Centre actually) to work, and I must say I love that.

I enjoy Toronto for its fast-paced lifestyle. And as much as I loved living in Vancouver, I did find a lot more unique and enjoyable food in Toronto. Even on a day alone, I would allow myself to indulge in dangerously delicious food if I am in Downtown Toronto. Let’s skip the jibber jabber so I can bring you on a day trip with me to Downtown Toronto (Mostly Food)!


Here’s my view out the window from my office.

On a good day, the view definitely cheers me up. If I do work late, I even get to see all the pretty lights they put on CN Tower. Maybe next time I will bring you up with me to the 360 revolving restaurant where you can see 1,151 ft (351 meters) below. (:

My mornings working in downtown are usually very busy, so having a nice and relaxed lunch is not really an option. BUT, this is when I make up my bad eating habits with healthier choices.


Eat Fresh Foods

I chose this salad place in the food court because it’s fresh, lets me customize my salad, plus it’s menu is adorable! To be honest, I am a meat person who also loves her carbs. A good tip I use to keep myself from craving for unhealthy food is to eat my salad until I am full and stop craving for anything else. Usually people would tell you to eat until you’re not hungry, but for salad, I’d have to eat until I’m VERY full. haha.

Like I said, I am a meat/crabs person, so a burger for dinner is inevitable. KIDDING! I really only got one because I want to share with you the amazing burger in food court. WHAT?! I know right. Eaton Centre has opened up a eatery that’s almost like the food court, but the food is more gourmet than fast food. Eatery-Burger The Motherlode (The Custom Grill, Richtree Natural Market Restaurant)

yummmy! I love fried eggs in my burger especially with runny yolk! You can even ask for heated cheese sauce with no extra cost. For a food court burger, The Motherlode is definitely a 10/10.

Now, you must think I already had my dinner… You’re Wrong!

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