How to: Interior Design Inspiration Board – My Bedroom Inspiration Board

I recently came back to Taiwan and is currently staying home for a few months. Although my room was only done last year, I felt that I need to change it up to make it feel more like who I am. I decided that I’m going to repaint my room in July or August and is looking for a color that I will love for years (since I only visit about once a year). Here’s two inspiration boards I put together to give me a few ideas, but of course, being who I am, I might change my mind before the end of this month…

This year is is all about color coordination with a pop of color. I first picked out a gray from Benjamin Moore since I wanted something classic and won’t go out of style (as Taylor Swift may say). But then I wanted something with a bit more feminine tone but still soft, so I picked out a taro-y purple called Orleans Violet from Benjamin Moore. I am really in love with this color, but it will be harder for me to match the furniture I have at home already.

Lilac Idea Board

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Pop of Yellow

Yellow is a commonly used color for accenting spaces with bland colors. Although yellow seems easy to be incorporated into spaces, the wrong color palette may also turn the room into a juvenile playhouse. I personally really love having yellow as an accent color because yellow can be cheerful when it’s bright or comforting when it’s muddy.

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