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10 Ways to Keep Up With Your Resolutions

I can finally say, I have achieved a lot last year. 2014 was a big year for me. I went through a big event towards the end of 2013 which changed the way I see things and do things in 2014. let me just tell you some of the things that changed for me in 2014. (After all, it has been 27 posts with you)

1. I was always a nervous kid, but in 2014 I had my first panic attack and since then I have had a few more. I learned more about my insecurities and what makes me nervous. I also learned how to control it and trying my best to face it.
2. In 2014, rather than just thinking about what I want to do in the future, I decided to act on it so I can actually achieve my goals. I got back into doing projects, consulted schools, and looked into everything I could do to to fulfill my passion.
3. I started blogging (without quitting). I have blogged since I was in high school but my post count never really past 3. I never had enough motivation to put the effort in and though I wish I had more persistence, I am glad that I found that now and can be open with the world.
4. Speaking of being open, I kept a lot of secrets about myself. I never faced my emotional problems. I never shared my fear of becoming like my dad who suffers from severe depression. I never for a second thought to tell my friends problems I have within the family, or my loneliness for being away from friends and family. In 2014, with the support of my boyfriend, I learned to share and to put effort into maintaining my relationships with friends and family. I am now less afraid to tell people how I feel.

I’ve learned more about myself in the past year by making these mini milestones, and I find that it really helped me see what I needed to stay motivated and reach my goals. I have made more goals for myself for 2015 and I am planning on using the 10 tips that I am about to share with you to keep myself motivated and on track.

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Tips For The Taken Women

There are so many articles over Facebook that has the headline somewhat like this – “20 things single women should do“, “15 awesome things only single women would understand“, “10 reasons why girls should be single in their 20s“. I mean… these are great… for the single women. What about us taken ones? The internet seems to be excluding us pretty well. There are many things that many women don’t realize they should be doing when they’re taken. And NO, i’m not talking about making sandwiches for your men! I believe that women should be strong and independent whether they are single or taken. I find that many women become more dependent than they should when they are in a relationship. (Sometimes that’s me!) This prevents us from fully utilizing our ability or potential to do great things. Below is a list of tips I have for the taken women


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